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Pipe Cleaning Brush

A Pipe cleaning brush is an essential part of the Pipe Cleaning Kit and a MUST HAVE when owning a pipe. It not only keeps it in good condition and reduces odors but also keeps the smoke clean and makes it more pleasant. There are many ways to clean a pipe, but the most effective is using a Pipe cleaning brush with Mile HIGH Cleaner. The pipe cleaning brush from MHC is made of stainless steel and nylon bristle filament. These brushes come in various sizes and lengths to accommodate most pipes, vapes, tools, stems and bowls.

In this article, we will explore the best ways to use these brushes and why a pipe cleaning brush is considered crucial.

Why Pipe Cleaning Is Important

Pipes are simple, needs no special skills and offer an easier smoking experience than conventional rolling papers. 

The Negative is they can allow ash into your throat and lungs which are very sensitive to the toxic, micro fine ash. Sometimes known as black-tongue, this ash down the throat can RUIN a hit fast. That is why many switch to bongs as they filter all ash instantly.

Pipes get dirty because of the build-up of tar, resin, and other substances. Cannabis ash mixes with resin to combine into an extra an extremely difficult and smelly paste that defied conventional cleaning like scrubbing in the sink. If left uncleaned these resins accumulate over time.

This causes an icky odor which requires a ‘smell proof’ bag or a permanent residence in the garage. 

Sometimes pipes become impossible to hit due to this accumulation. Often toxic solvents do not completely clean all of the tricky spots. This leaves toxic solvents that you could then be inhaling DEEP into your lungs. It is important to use the right tool for this job. 

How And Which Pipe Cleaning Brush You Should Go For 

Gone are the days of a wire coat hanger and paper towels or shaking toxic solvents; these methods are ineffective and makes for a lot of trash.

Using Mile HIGH Cleaner it takes less than 30 drops to clean most any pipe. Rinse out all the excess resin with hot water. if this is the first time and it is very dirty or clogged, please try pipe boiling first. Either a pot on the stove or a a microwave safe bowl, as shown here


Another advantage of using a pipe cleaning brush is they come in various sizes and are bendable which can make it even easier to reach the unreachable parts of your pipe.

If you Prefer Hemp derived products please check out the one I recommend; Holistic Hemp Solutions.  


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