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You’re seeking the best vape cleaning brush on the market, then this blog will provide you with all the necessary information and the best solutions.

The best vape cleaning brush is intended to remove stuck on resin and stickiness as well as debris from a vape body, tubes and mouthpiece using a drop or 2 of Mile HIGH Cleaner. Our brushes used for vape cleaning are compatible with all types of vaping equipment, it is advisable to choose the right tools for the job. Having an array of sizes is important. The Pipe Cleaning Kit has the full array of brushes and a bottle of cleaner god for about 50 cleanings. For the pipe shown, 100 cleanings. For a for a handheld or tabletop vape, 100 cleanings.

The easiest way to clean uses tools

Vapes can be delicate pieces of machinery that need to be handled carefully and kept in good working order for their owners. If you don’t routinely clean it, for instance, the accumulation may get stickiness all over and taste of toasted hits of reclaim . You should never touch coils to prevent  premature burnout and other problems. Do not use the brush near a hot coil, it will melt the bristles.

pipe cleaning kit
An array of brushes with enough Mile HIGH cleaner for 50 cleanings

Why Vape cleaning is so important

When you’re vaping certain substances, they will cause your vape to get dirty and clogged up with residue over time. This can be a problem. it can affect the taste and airflow making for an inferior toke. That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality brush for vape cleaning along with the right cleaner so that can do the job like a pro.

Vapers know that one of the most important factors to take before buying a vape cleaning brush is its bristles. This is because they are the ones that clean your device for you. Let’s discuss the types of bristles

  • Natural Bristles 

They are made from animal hair or plant fibers. The most ideal thing is they don’t damage heat resistors in your vape so they won’t trigger any hazards. They may leave small amounts of fibers inside the piece and they will not last as long as Synthetic.

  • Synthetic Bristles

Generally made of Nylon, these are best for vape cleaning because they’re gentler on other parts such as screens and mouthpieces. They should have protected tips and be bendable to fit all holes and bends.

  • Metal Bristles

These are not considered good for cleaning delicate pieces like vapes. 

Option for cleaning the combustion area. If the reclaim is thick, try using a Q-tip swab broken in half. Use the stick end to dig out the warm goop. Do not disturb the heating coil!

Mile High Best Vape Cleaning Brush

Our brushes are made for cleaning resin that is difficult to access. These sturdy yet flexible brushes are ideal for use that poses no risk to your device. The unique Mile High Cleaning Vape Brush has a 6′′ soft tip which is flexible and bendable. This engineering helps remove debris from even the smallest crevice without leaving behind fibers. This vape cleaning brush is also the perfect candidate for removing residue and or stickiness that tend to build up after extended usage of your device.

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