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I gave Jim my bong for demonstration of how well Mile High Cleaner works. I knew how hard it was to clean this small bong so I settled in for a five to ten minutes of time wasted while he labored to clean my fairly dirty, very smelly bong. I turned away to grab my water and by the time I turned back he was already adding in some dishwashing liquid, and saying he was just about done. We are talking 20–30 seconds max and he was already done. And it was CLEAN.

He had saved some of the black goo, which he smeared down onto the sink. He had me clean it. This huge resin gob just dissolved like magic with only a little tiny bit of oil. I didn’t need gloves. It was amazing! Then he put a little dribble of Mile High Cleaner into the bong, filled it with water, and we smoked about 50 bowls between the 5 of us. At the end he rinsed it in hot water for about 20 seconds. He didn’t even add detergent or anything, just hot water and it was clean again.

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