Dirty bongs AND other cleaners smell terrible

germs grow in wet environments

Germs grow in wet environments.

but this was a commercial about cleaning a CPAP machine and how germs grow in wet environment. A CPAP has a filter so there are virtually no foreign contaminants. The water always looks clean even after days of use. They recommend DAILY CLEANING because the water acts as a grow incubator for germs and microbes. If you have been a Toker long enough, you may have encountered BIO-SLIME, the slick snot that develops on glass from living organisms.

What would Mom think about your dirty glass? Would she cringe and say; Germs grow in wet environments!

If you don’t clean it daily it just gets worse. Cleaning is so difficult and distasteful it is put off for days or longer while those germs grow in that wet environment. There is already studies showing a water bottle should be washed every time, not just rinsed. A bong is SIGNIFICNATLY dirtier after 10 seconds; the time it takes to do a single hit!

Shaking toxic solvents is not cleaning and you hate doing it…

Life is progress, improving everything to make our lives easier. We constantly improve… EXCEPT for this one thing which has not changed since a the first hippie come up with a better option than a wire coat hangar, rag and hot water 70 years ago and said “Well, I guess it’s better… Lets TOKE!”

Maybe you should try a completely different way that is more like how we clean everything; using brushes, scrubbers, hot water and the RIGHT DETERGENT! We do this because Germs grow in wet environments and unclean dishes

Instead of shaking a toxic solvent, try using tools found in our Deluxe Cleaning Kit, and in less time than it takes to wash a pan your glass is clean. For just a few pennies get clean glass and fresh taste every day.

With a special magnetic scrubbing shuttle to fit pieces with percolators, there’s always a tool for the job. The deluxe cleaning kit has free replacement on all the tools with any order.

Effective, organic resin cleaning that’s so safe you can drink it.

Mile HIGH! Cleaner. Use it daily because Germs grow in wet environments.

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