frighteningly dirty piece

Halloween is coming… do you have a frighteningly dirty piece?

Dirty Glass cleaned easily

If you use a dirty glass it affects everything from taste to health

Is your piece scary? Does it reek like an open grave and look like a tar pit?

Does it smell bad? OF COURSE IT DOES!

Is it growing some sort of toxic mold? PROBABLY!

Are germs growing inside it. WITHOUT A DOUBT!

Does just the thought of cleaning make you sick to you stomach?

If you could clean it like you do your dishes it would be DONE, right? See how easy it can be on this video.

Mile HIGH changes resin so it is no longer sticky. Washing with dish detergent and brushes becomes completely effective! No more frighteningly dirty piece

Magnetic scrubber for the inside of Glass

The fastest and easiest way to clean hard to reach places.

If you are like me you try to reduce VOC’s and chemicals like Isopropyl Alcohol in life. Mile HIGH Cleaner is the way to clean any sticky residue from growing to extraction and all partaking in between. Natural, organic, odorless and so natural you can eat it. Private labeled by 11 companies including GreenBroz trimmer and Tom’s tumbler trimmers. Costs less than ISO with none of the adverse consequences.

So you think your current cleaner is good because it says it is Made from Natural ingredients. Turpentine is made from pine tree needles yet is another toxic solvent that would kill you if ingested.

But it says Biodegradable so that must be good, right? This is what the EPA says on Biodegradability;

Biodegradability does not guarantee low toxicity. Chemicals known to be rapidly biodegradable have also been identified as carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxicants (CMR).

This statement defines virtually all the Over the Counter, cleaners. Published by the EPA here.

Truly non toxic means you can touch, use and even eat a product without harm. Read the label of your cleaner and expect to see the poison control center number and multiple warnings.

Your scary dirty rig is even more frightening now that you know Cleaning it can kill you.

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