Isopropyl Alc glass cleaner

Do you KNOW about Isopropyl Alc.?

Do you know Isopropyl Alc. (ISO) is made from fossil fuels?

Isopropyl alcohol
ISO is made from fossil fuels!


Do you Know about Isopropyl Alc.?

ISO contributes to over 1 million deaths per year as it is a Major Contributor to Ground Level Ozone. Deaths from OZONE according to Air Quality News.

On a more personal note, Isopropyl Alc.could be the reason you cant sleep, have trouble concentrating or are irritable or why your drains could be clogging or the septic tank is broken.

Do you KNOW about Isopropyl Alc. and that it has been used so much as a disinfectant that Mother Nature has developed “resistant bacteria” with a thicker cell wall so they are impervious to solvents? Basically armor…in the battle against super bugs

If this happens to something like Covid 19 we are toast.

Here is more facts on ISO

Do you KNOW about Isopropyl Alc as a VOC? Volatile Organic Compound. That is the compound that mixes with nitrogen in the air and other manmade pollutants in the air becoming Ground Level Ozone. This has major affects and can kill the old, young our infirm.

Ozone pollutant
GL Ozone is responsible for a million deaths

In addition the dept. of Health says ISO is on the “Special Health Hazards Substance list”

Do you know about ISO
ISO is listed as a “Special Health Hazard Substance”

With a 7 Billion population consuming resources there is an increased amount of pollutants, toxins, wastes and hazards in anything we use. If we use toxic stuff that kills off the bacteria but buildup toxins from the waste, it will be intolerable for future generations.

The planet filters a lot but like any filter it will get clogged and saturated. Some think we actually need to find a new world because we are ‘past the tipping point’. If we are there is no time like NOW to do something.

Broken planet
Fragile Humans creating their own demise

Please, lets try to leave this place better than when we got here.

Still not convinced? Ask yourself this 44 part question

If Isopropyl alc. is so great…

  • Why don’t you use it more? In fact, when did you last use ISO for ANYTHING besides cleaning cannabis resin? Products evolve, but not ISO. Same chemical since it was made in the year 800 and introduced in the year 1920 by STANDARD OIL company as a way to remove water from gasoline. (NOT a cleaner)
  • Why does ISO COST MORE than any cleaner in your home…with the Exception of actual retail “bong cleaners” (that work the same)? The one redeeming quality is that ISO costs less than products made to do the same job. The true problem is that shaking and waiting is a very difficult, time consuming and inefficient way to clean.
  • Why is it Cited as hazardous by OSHA and EPA as well as many other government agencies? As per the Hazardous Fact Sheet on ISO enclosed
  • Why is it on the “Special Health Hazard Substance List” by the Dept. of Health?
  • Why is it considered a Major Contributor to Ground Level Ozone? According to the several studies.
  • Why are your eyes watering? Because your body does not like solvent vapors.
  • Why does it increase your carbon footprint? Because it is a fossil fuel based solvent.
  • Why is your septic tank DEAD? Because it kills the bacteria that were breaking down waste.
  • Why do your drains run slow or backup? Because it kills the bacteria that break down waste. They usually keep the drains running clear, now they are dead sludge.
  • Why are your countertops dull? Because it damages plastic, that is why you cannot use it on your acrylic piece or paint.
  • Why are there black chunks still in your glass? Because shaking is not a good substitute for scrubbing. It is not how we clean. We use tools.
  • Why is your drain damaged? Because your drain is made of plastic and metal. ISO damages most plastics and it pits some metal. It is a solvent…DUH!
  • Why is your brain damaged? Because ISO is a Central Nervous System Depressant.
  • Who is Dain Bramaged…A fictional character.
  • Why can’t you concentrate? Because ISO is a Central Nervous System Depressant.
  • Why are you having sleep disorders and restlessness? One of the many side effects of ISO.
  • Why is your coordination off? Because ISO is a Central Nervous System Depressant.
  • Why are you moving slow? ISO slows down my reactions and leaves me woozy and lazy.
  • Why do you seem different, as in personality changes? One of the many side effects of ISO.
  • Why are your fingers tingling? Because ISO affects the nerves.
  • Why are your autonomic nerve responses weird? Because ISO is a Central Nervous System Depressant.
  • Why do you have a headache? Because ISO is potent. Many can get a headache from as little as a single whiff according to a Purdue University study on ISO.
  • Why is your skin red, chapped, and irritated? Because ISO De-Fats your tissues as well as dries out and damages your skin
  • Why is ISO listed as a VOC, a known air pollutant that the government is trying to reduce? Because ISO is 100% VOC, a known air pollutant that the government is trying hard to reduce so that your great grandchildren can breathe. Carpet and paint fumes have been reduced by government mandate. Using ISO means dumping it in liquid form right into the environment.
  • Why does your child have lung issues? Because ISO irritates the lung tissue. For asthmatics this is REALLY BAD. It is heavier than air so it gathers near the floor where pets and children spend a lot of time.
  • Why is your Grandparent struggling to breathe? Because ISO irritates the lung tissue. Any lung issue or disease is much worse with solvents and poor air quality. A lot of older people have lung issues from a lifetime of inhaling toxic fumes and vapors.
  • Why did your grow catch on fire? Because ISO is extremely flammable.
  • Why is it not sustainable? Because ISO is made from Fossil Fuels.
  • Why is it not renewable? Because ISO is made from Fossil Fuels.
  • Why isn’t it distilled from plants, like regular alcohol? Because ISO is made from Propene, a cousin of Propane, mixed with sulfuric acid which is MUCH CHEAPER than distilling by far.
  • Why is it considered a Carcinogen (cancer causing agent)? Because of mixing Propene with Sulfuric acid.
  • Why are you tired, you only shook it for ten minutes? There’s lots more shaking! Stop complaining…If you choose to shake toxic solvents then it will be a lot of effort.
  • Why does your child have Fetal Alc. Syndrome? Because ISO is an AL CO HOL …that is a classification, it does not mean it was distilled like drinking stuff.
  • Why do you have tumors? Because ISO mutates DNA, which causes “free radicals”, the precursor to cancer
  • Why do you have increased ‘free radicals’?  Because ISO mutates DNA, which causes “free radicals”, weren’t you paying attention? Probably the ISO…
  • Why did your DNA mutate? And…Why did you not get Spidey-Powers?
  • Why is your nose running? Because ISO irritates the mucus membranes.
  • Why are your trimming shears worn out after only a year? Because ISO pits metal causing increased wear.
  • Why is it illegal to dump down the drain? Because it is made from Fossil Fuels. That’s as illegal for you as it is for British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico. Stoners using ISO to clean have dumped FAR MORE over the years. That has to stop.
  • Why are you feeling ill? Because 2000 ppm airborne considered to be “immediately hazardous” to life.
  • Why don’t you clean that smelly bong every day? (Perhaps the answer is right on this page)
  • Why does it say VAPOR MAY BE HARMFUL on the Rubbing alcohol label? Because the lawyers are clever…
  • Why does it say FUMES MAY BE TOXIC on the ISO label…

…so you could not sue them like asbestos or roundup.


The Manufacturer does NOT want you to think ISO is toxic. That would be Bad for business. They are trying to downplay that bit of information.

Keep in mind, they were referring to the few drops used “as recommended”, not sloshing it around like water in glass with salt, letting it ‘off-gas’ vapors overnight then pouring it down the drain, killing the ‘good bacteria’ and harming aquatic life.

ISO is used before a Flu shot. One bong cleaning releases as much ISO as getting Flu Shot for the rest of your life…including all of your family, and their families

Using ISO risks damaging yourself, your family, your neighbors and the environment by releasing a KNOWN toxic, fossil fuel based solvent.

Think this is Bull because you have “never had a problem” and been using it for years? Chances are you have never met anyone with Asbestos, Roundup or Talc related cancer either.

Hopefully you will never have any issues with using ISO, most don’t. Using ISO means releasing it for everyone to enjoy because the sewer is not some magical place that mysteriously makes everything go away. The vapor is released into the atmosphere, Save it in a jar for next time and have volatile liquid hanging around whose heavier than air vapors gather on the floor where you do not notice them.

Maybe you are healthy, but could you be better and live longer?  Undoubtedly many others on this planet don’t have perfect health like you, but someday you, or your offspring or friend will not be as healthy. Unfortunately, by then the problem will be worse.

Currently it is estimated that 5.8% of the population consumes cannabis. That is 435,000,000 people.

Most of them use ISO too.

I get that ISO seems cheap compared to actual bong cleaners but in comparison to general cleaners we use daily, like Dawn or Fantastic, ISO the the most expensive of them all because they get dozens, if not hundreds, of cleanings per bottle, USING BRUSHES, SCRUBBERS AND TOOLS.

NOT shaking and waiting.

So, tell me…why are you using ISO?


Every statement here can be corroborated through government resources, studies, and readily accessible, credible information such as shown below. There is lots more info on this chemical.

Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
ISO is a VOC that the government is trying to reduce.
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Right to Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet on ISO
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Right to Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet on ISO
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Right to Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet on ISO
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Right to Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet on ISO
Facts on Isopropyl alcohol
Right to Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet on ISO

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