Sustainable product of the year

Sustainable product of the yearAwards for Mile HIGH Cleaner

Mile HIGH Cleaner WON Cleaner of the year!

We are honored to be voted the Sustainable product of the year by the Prestige Awards!

Mile HIGH Cleaner, Organic bong cleaner so safe you can drink it!

Award for sustainability
WINNER! Prestige award for sustainable cleaning product of the year.

Think Shaking ISO and salt is better? Did you know; Isopropyl (rubbing) alc. is on the “Special Health Hazard Substance list”?

Here is some info on ISO that you may not be aware of. ISO is made from fossil fuels, is a toxic solvent and, as a VOC, is considered a ‘Major contributor’ to Ground Level Ozone which kills one million people yearly. Mostly the old, young or sick but anyone is susceptible.

one million deaths yearly due to GL Ozone.

Though virtually unheeded, printed on the Isopropyl Alc. label reads; “fumes may be toxic”. This is so they cannot be sued like asbestos or Roundup weed killer. The worst part is that the single use amount of 70% ISO is the swab before a flu shot, about a drop, compared to 3000 drops of liquid ISO to clean a bong or pipe. That Fossil Fuel based solvent is then released into the environment by millions of cannabis consumers every single day


In addition, are you familiar with the battle against super bugs? Mutated, Alc.-resistant bacteria growing in hospitals. Nature came up with thicker cell wall ’armor’ that is impervious to solvents. This could be devastating for the future fight against highly infectious diseases. The more we use ISO the more nature learns how to survive.

ISO Sanitizers are losing battle against super bugs.

Iso is NEVER going to win Sustainable product of the year.

See How it works here

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