Dirty Glass

Resin coats the inside of the glass



Home of effective pipe and water-pipe cleaning.

No toxic chemicals

MHC is proven faster and cheaper than 91% Isopropyl Alc. (ISO)

Winner Sustainable cleaner of the year and  Best Water Pipe Cleaner… THREE TIMES

“INSANELY EFFECTIVE glass cleaner” Dope Magazine.

Mile HIGH Cleaner BONDS to resin so it is easily washed away. 

Robert H. the Third

Man, I am so baked”

“My glass is 100% clean in less than 2 minutes for pennies. I LOVE a clean Piece.”

Robert H. III 

This is NOT another toxic solvent.

Organic, Odorless and made from plants.

Kills germs and bacteria


 Yes, it is edible.

Smile, it is clean!

IMPORTANT because;

“Shaking chemicals and solvents is not sustainable, renewable or healthy.

Isopropyl Alc. meets NONE of our current criteria on performance, cleaning, or safety.” 

by “The Clean Air Coalition”  more on ISO.

“ISO alcohol is a VOC and solvent made from Fossil Fuels and contributes to many health and environmental issues”

By Dept. of Health  more on ISO.

Time for a change to Mile HIGH

Clean any cannabis resin from anywhere. (Deluxe kit)

Clean DAB and resin stains from Fabric (DAB Drops) 

Stop resin from sticking in water pipes (BonGOO)

Tools to clean resin from glass
Deluxe Kit. 50 cleanings in a bottle. All the tools come with Lifetime warranty.
Clean resin and dabs from Fabric
Remove resin and Dab stains from fabric
BonGoo prevents resin from sticking
EFFECTIVE daily rinsing, then do a full clean on the weekend with the Deluxe kit.

Deluxe Cleaning Kit.

Deluxe cleaning kit for glass
All our Tools with Lifetime replacement. By far our best deal if you own multiple pieces

Pipe Kit
NOT for water pipes

Pipe and glass cleaning kit
Array of brushes for PIPE, Vape, bowls, chillums, one-hitters and hand-held pieces.

Refill Jug
as little as 15 cents/cleaning

Clean any glass piece faster
For a small Grow or Big Toker. 200 cleaning per bottle when used with tools. REFILL BOTTLE

Golden Mile HIGH Cleaner is positively charged

Resin is negatively charged so they REALLY want to combine.

MHC bonds to all sides of the resin molecule, changing its ability to stick to anything…Except Mile HIGH cleaner. Resin has been captured, confined or “encapsulated”. This is how many cleaners work using Micelles but those regular cleaners do not work on resin, Mile HIGH does…

This is NOT dissolving, this is CLEANING, like we daily clean all our dishes, using  hot water and the right cleaner and scrubbers to make it as easy as possible. 

NOTE; Once resin is encapsultated by MHC it is no longer useable or combustable on any level, don’t even try. 

Cleaning Glass has changed

RED resin naturally cannot stick because it prefers the various Golden ingredients in 

Mile HIGH Cleaner.

The Boring Science on Micelle cleaning… click here.

MHC’s Positive formula “pulls” the Negative charged resin from the Nuetral Glass. 

Sounds basic but it is PROFOUND! (see video)


What is in it?

Charged organic compounds derived from fractionated plant oils.

These ‘open end’ molecules bond PERFECTLY with the open ended burned resin like 2 pieces of a puzzle.   

Organic cleaner

Nothing made by Man!

Charged caprylic glycerides, triacylglycerols, phospholipids, diacylglycerols, and phytosterols, derived from plants. 

All Ingredients are natural, digestible, odorless, and inert. (Food grade edible but not meant to be eaten)

These compounds have a sympathetic “bond” to resin the same way detergents bond to grease. Not dissolving, like a toxic solvent, but CLEANING like washing a dish.


Standard water-based cleaning techniques include cleaner, hot water and tools to do the scrubbing as fast as possible.

OR the same old shaking lots of chemicals, with lots of toxic odors, then waiting for hours, and still leaves spots.

Mile HIGH cleans it all... FAST

Not sure what to get? Click image to be taken to the correct tools for that job.

Mile HIGH changes resin so it can be washed…

…so WASH IT! 

Instead of attacking with chemicals to dissolve resin, introduce a compound resin LIKES.

They BOND in harmony and balance to achieve a HIGHer state of being and a new reality…

…a reality where resin is easily cleaned.

Cleaning evolves.

working in harmony to clean
ISO cannot change…

Winner of 13 awards and 11 private labels

Sustainable Product of the YEAR

Best “Glass” cleaner 3 times

Private labeled by GreenBroz trimmers (yes, it works on trimmers and extraction).

Works on the TOUGH stickiness, from label adhesive to bugs on a motorcycle fairing.

Completely sustainable, renewable and is safe to drink. 

Free Shipping

Orders over $25
Eco-friendly, PLAIN packaging

Season Sale

Save money, see if it is on SALE!


Our products work or I will clean your water pipe!

Resin scrubbed with magnetic scrubber
Standard RED Magnetic scrubber is STRONG

WHITE mini shuttle for Percolators included.

Why it works so well...

Natural MARRIAGE of 2 compounds!

Mile High Cleaner is positively charged, Resin is negatively charged. They want to combine, be together, get married, settle down, turn over a new leaf, give up the sticky life and move on.

Mile HIGH is the Spouse that changes resin into the BEST version, the one that cleans up well!

So Wash it in the sink… The highest level of clean in a home!

Looking for a cleaner that is

  • sustainable,
  • renewable,
  • organic,
  • plant-based,
  • odorless
  • zero toxins
  • Food grade! The HIGHEST level of SAFE
  • Minimal environmental impact from growth, harvest, processing or transportation?

For instance, one 8oz jug equals 1280oz of ISO.  That is 10 gallons of Isopropyl alc.

8oz jug of MHC
8oz refill jug cleans 200 water pipes, ISO would require 40 larger bottles
Mile HIGH checks all the boxes
  • Cheap

  • Effective

  • Safe

  • FAST

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