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Mile High Cleaner Plant Oils

100% all natural, renewable plant-based oil.

Mile High Clean bong

Removes resin from any surface or paraphernalia.

Mile High Cleaner Works Insanely Well

Works insanely well!

Mile High Cleaner (MHC) is a natural, organic bong cleaner and resin remover that has been scientifically constructed in order to eliminate the relentless messes that accompany all things Cannabis. No matter the mess — such as tenacious and sticky trichomes typical of the growing and trimming processes, the residual debris from extraction and concentrates, and of course smoking resin — Mile High Cleaner will eliminate all resin from any finished surface, whether it be glass, metal, plastic, wood, acrylic, paint, and yes, even fabric! Mile High Cleaner is widely recognized as the premier natural bong cleaner in the industry that will never pose any harm to your health or the environment, and still works better than competing products that are neither natural nor organic.

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Keep your glass clear and tasteless by regularly using Mile High Cleaner!

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Mile High Cleaner cleans resin from almost everything!



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