The Organic Resin Remover

Mile HIGH Cleaner works better, on any surface and costs less than ISO alcohol, ZERO chemicals, toxins or odors. Incredibly effective formula that works on any surface, kills germs, microbes and bacteria but is safe to eat! Natural Organic, renewable plant based oils that cannot harm you or the planet.

Costs LESS than Rubbing alcohol!

This is what professional reviewers and magazine staff are saying about our formula.

They REALLY liked our cleaner
'You have no idea how excited I was when the Post man brought me my new DELUXE Cleaning Kit.
The Publisher of Leafly was impressed!
Professional reviewers can choose any product.
In an independent test We WON and COST LESS than Rez-Block!!
Professional Cannabis Reviewer LOVE our products!

Safe, Cheap and Effective.

 The Next Generation in Resin Removal

Canna Mag in action

There is almost nothing it can’t clean

  Constantly updated  list HERE! 

All of these manufacturers needed a cleaner for their products. They chose the best, safest and most cost effective cleaner. They loved our products so much they didn’t just stock it, they put their name on it! These are some of our partners that private label our formula under their name.  That is the most sincere recommendation and an honor for us.

GreenBroz Trimmers cleaner Resin Clear.

Orivate labled
GreenBroz trimmers Resin Clear is Mile HIGH Cleaner

The Glass Blunt Private labels MHC

Cleans glass blunts like you would not believe
Original Glass Blunts Private labels MHC

Trim Wipes is MHC

the best cleaner out there
The Trimmer Store Private labels our product.

Bee Nails is also MHC

the best cleaner
Bee-Nails private labels us as well

Enviresin Cleaner and neutralizer is MHC

private label MHC
Enviresin, our newest partner.

Clean a pipe, rigs, water pipes... Click for videos and more!

Clean every sticky surface, from growing to extraction! Click for more.

New report cites ISO Alcohol for health risks!! Click for more.

Everyone HATES Cleaning!

Cleaners stink, sting my eyes, makes me woozy...

The toxic smell turns your stomach. You get a headache and a little dizzy. Your eyes water and your hands dry out. All for what? It stinks again the very next day.

But what delicious and tasty hits!

With Mile HIGH Cleaner, daily cleaning is made easy. Clean in under a minute for pennies. Expect 50 cleaning from a 2oz. bottle using our tools. Efficient, economical and even edible. This will increase the flavor of your smoke tremendously.

Fun Fact: because our product is 100% natural and made from plant-based oils, Mile HIGH Cleaner is EDIBLE!