Natural Resin Remover

Mile High Cleaner’s unique organic formula is incredibly effective on all
paraphernalia, grow tools, trimmers, extractors and more!

Crafted From Nature

 Derived completely from organic ingredients, Mile High Cleaner’s natural formula is 100% safe for you and your environment

Mile High Cleaner works in harmony with the molecular composition of our natural world, using scientific principles, like Polar Attraction and Molecular Encapsulation, to neutralize + prevent resin build-up & easily clean up any sticky mess!

You can read more about our ingredients here!

Why Choose Mile High Cleaner?

Costs LESS than Isopropyl Alcohol

Our standard 2oz bottle of Mile High Cleaner is good for 50 cleanings of a hand pipe or a 10″ water-pipe using our brushes and tools. 

Environmentally Friendly

No more dumping harmful chemicals down our drains! Our all natural, organic solution is not harmful to you or the environment. (ISO has many hazards, more info here)

Plant Based + Non-Toxic

Keep it green with our plant based resin remover and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Mile High Cleaner works in harmony with the molecular composition of the natural world, using scientific principles & proven methods to naturally prevent resin build-up and neutralize any sticky mess
scrub from the inside





Edible (just in case!)

Some people say “do what is right, not what is easy.”
At Mile High Cleaner, we say “do what is right and what is easy!”
You can’t go wrong with an environmentally safe solution that works better and cost less.

With over 50 cleanings in every 2oz bottle, every bottle of MHC saves at least 9 bottles of Isopropyl Alcohol!

With enough drops of MHC, you can clean any piece…

+ using our re-usable tools and scrubbers makes it even easier!

Like doing the dishes…simple and fast using a small amount of cleaner and tools.

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Deals and specials

Deluxe Cleaning Kit has lifetime replacement for all tools

Pipe Kit is on sale AND buy 2 get 3rd for free with free shipping

Travel Kit is on sale AND buy 4 get the 5th for free. That’s just $8 each and they make a great stocking stuffer. Free shipping as well

Many other items on sale. (coupons do not work on sale items)

How Does Mile High Cleaner Work?

The Science of Mile High Cleaner is based on theories of Polar Attraction and Encapsulation.

Encapsulation Theory (read more) states that any 2 compounds that can mix, one will be dominant over the other and will dictate how the combination reacts with the environment.  MHC changes Resin on a molecular level so it is no longer sticky.

Polar attraction; Mile High Cleaner is positively charged while cannabis resin is negatively charged. They want to combine, which then neutralizes the resin.
This new combination is simply not sticky.  As a result, it is easily wiped or rinsed away with dish soap and hot water, just like any mess.

Read more on this topic HERE!

We are working with nature in harmony, using physics and science as opposed to simply throwing toxic chemicals at resin in a never ending battle that eventually leaves us wallowing in a pool of toxic waste with a 'clean' bong...



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